August 24, 2009

Monday, Monday

What is up with crappy Mondays?

Typically I can handle everything in stride, but…….

I guess we all have a rough day from time to time!?! I think my Monday came way TOO EARLY today! My goofy dog has decided the last few mornings that she needs to go outside, way before anyone in the house is ready to get up! She doesn’t bark. She just stands up on MY side of the bed, panting in my face! Kinda scary to wake up with something just staring and panting at you! I warn Hubby all the time that he just MIGHT get hurt if he does that to me – again!

When I finally decide I better drag my butt out of bed so V doesn’t pee on my floor, I come in to a grumpy 17 year old. He is NOT happy that HE has to get up so early for band before first hour. He can’t find a paper he needs for a class and then can’t find his phone and is frantically tossing things in his search. I help by calling his phone that is lost in the tornado in his room! So, out the door in a rush he goes! Love you too honey!

On with work for me….or so I thought! I had a few days off at the end of last week (hence probably the reason for MY grumpiness about having to go back to work on this Monday) and now I am having trouble with some of my tools I need to do my job! Grrrr…..

Now that Hubby is “in between jobs” (he’s a trim carpenter-so waiting on a house to get ready) he was sweet enough to take Roo to school for me. Unfortunately, my stupid vehicle would not start! Can you freakin believe it? So, we jump my car and off he goes with jumper cables in tow. On the bright side it didn’t die on ME leaving me stranded somewhere other than home! Another bright note – Hubby said it was only the battery and he has it fixed – the sucky side of this is it was $111.56! FOR A BATTERY! Argh!

And….now – I am waiting for my work computer to ‘reboot’ and hoping this fixes it’s glitches!



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jennykate77 said...

I had a day like that except it was last Thursday, but felt like a Monday. Made me want to just turn around and go home and go to bed and wake up in a different with no problems! I hope your day gets better! Drink coffee...that's a must...always makes my bad days better. :)

Mel Fraase said...

Stupid Mondays! Glad the car wasn't something worse!! Hope Tuesday is a better day!!

ThatsBaloney said...

Yup, being stuck away from home is no fun. Did that last week! At least your husband knows how to replace a battery?

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Oh no, we had to replace the battey in DH's van last week- right after we had it serviced! 'Tis the season! Sorry this happened to you!

Unknown said...

I haven't been over in a while! It does sound like a crappy Monday! I hope that the rest of the week got progressively better and now you are enjoying a blissful weekend! Crossing fingers : )