August 9, 2009

My #lameclaimtofame !!

Did you get that? My lame claim to fame!

If you’ve been here before you probably know that I also play on Twitter?? They have ‘hashtags’ (a word prefixed with #) to know ‘what’s happening on Twitter’. Hence the funny title to my post!

Let me explain!

As you can see from my previous post, I am a stalker of anything Signing Time (Rachel Coleman). Don’t worry, she knows and I’ve assured her it’s not in a scary, I could harm you kind of way. ;-)

Anyway, on Twitter I had used Rachel as my #lameclaimtofame. Not meaning any offense, of course. I simply meant that I was claiming to be famous only because I had met her, not that she was lame, cause she’s is SO NOT LAME!

But NOW I can claim to BE famous all on my own.

That’s right! ‘I’ am famous!

Never mind that my only television interview happens to be regarding POOP! I suppose it’s appropriate that I would be talking about poop since I deal with it every single day (providing Roo has his lactulose).

Should I explain?

Ok, I will, although you will probably ‘get it’ just by watching the video below.

Well, my friend Mel had come to visit (that’s another post after she gets back home), and we had tried to take our heard of kids to our local water park, but it was closed. So, we found other accommodations for our water play.

Later in the week I took Taz and met a friend (and two of her children) back over at the park. It was opened again after being closed a few days and they had a news crew out there doing a report about the closing.

The reporter asked me how I felt about poop in the pool. Now what kind of question is THAT? Of course I think it’s disgusting but as a mother of a two year old (and one with disabilities so no chance of potty training in the near future) I ‘know’ accidents will happen in the pool. Honestly, I just ‘try’ my best NOT to think about that and hope they can shock the CRAP (pun intended) out of the pool. And, shouldn’t the swim diapers hold the poop in the kids britches?

So, on with my television debut on FOX25 news……………(and if you follow me, you can now use ME as your #lameclaimtofame!)

Click here -

KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories

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6 other ramblers babbled:

Ash said...

Twitter stumps me in every techinical jargon way I know how - what does # do again?

Congrats on your moment in the in spotlight!! Poop and all.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

explaining hash tags is so not fun. i'm working on it though. congrats!

The Rambler said...

Just saw the video..

Iknowsomeonefamous :)


ThatsBaloney said...

I'm so glad someone else is finally famous for poop talk. hee hee hee.
You look like a hot momma out there!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

maybe you could travel from pool to pool giving a poop review.

Mel Fraase said...

Ha ha ha, so now I guess YOU are MY #lameclaimtofame !!! Woo hoo. You are so cute, even talking about poop!!
Now, lets talk about that post!