November 20, 2008

Fine young man

Today was BA's first day of his first job! My first baby is growing up to be such a fine young man. He is a cook at a nearby Pizza Hut!

It seems like just yesterday I was so excited and so scared at the realization of the responsibilities this beautiful baby boy in my arms held.

We had tried so hard for a couple of years and finally on the third month of taking clomid (a fertility drug) we found out we would be getting our baby. I was only 24 and Hubby was 26.

Well, I have to say I am proud of the young man we have raised. He is very smart, talented (he plays some mean tuba), laid back, polite and he has made wise choices in his friends (they all enjoy hanging out, playing in the school and church youth band together, and now 3 of them are working together).

Just look at my fine young handsome man!

waiting for his ride & uniform...


in uniform at the end of the first day...


3 other ramblers babbled:

Chris said...

I hope he likes his job. He looks pretty proud.

ummmhello said...

You must be SO proud. He looks almost GROWN UP in his uniform!

Keri and Jason said...

BA = Bad Ass! Check him out. He's so adorable in uniform. Amazing how fast they grow, eh? Way to make Momma proud!