November 24, 2008

Doggy DHS

This is SO sad so don't cry.....I almost did!

My poor dog, V, ripped a toenail completely off last week.

I was sitting at my desk working when SM was letting V in from outside and asked me to get a towel cause her feet were muddy...I was confused since it hasn't been raining so I go to check on her and there is blood all over my glass storm door and all over my patio. OMG!! WTH??

Apparently my poor puppy has broken a toe nail off her foot. It is SO sad!! Well, she wanted so badly to come inside (she is typically inside following me around at all times). I couldn't let her get blood all over the, you know how you always have leftover socks that the dryer didn't eat? I took one of CD's socks and duck (or is it duct?) tape and taped it onto her foot...poor thing. Their was so much blood that the sock was soaked in no time! She has done this before and really I don't think we can do anything except let it grow out...I just feel so bad for her.

I know I am lucky they don't take V into doggy DHS custody since I am such a bad mom! If only I could bring myself to clip her nails but hers are completely black and I hurt her when I tried. Now I just can't bring myself to be the one to inflict the pain on her.

She has been licking at her paw and limping ever since but it must be getting better because she was chasing SM yesterday. I'm thinking she may be playin it up a little!?!

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Chris said...

Look at that sweet face. I think you are a good Doggy Mommy for taking such good care of her. I think we can keep the Doggy DHS out of this for now.