January 2, 2009

Friday Fragments - (#2)

Friday Fragments?

* Let's see, where do I begin? Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What did you do for New Year's Eve? Me, you might ask? Well, I went with BA to work the concessions at our local convention center (after working my 'normal' job) where the Thunder (OK basketball team) was playing. So I 'thought' we would be working the Flaming Lips concert...wrong!

Man, it's been a long time since I've worked with the public like that. I had a blast! I worked one of the registers and that gave me an excuse to RaMbLe (in disguise) with every customer in my line (and some that weren't...lol). In case you didn't know, I like to talk, cut up, and have a good time.

Yep, we worked there to earn money for BA's band account so he can make the trip with the band to Disney in CA. It is not cheap, so we worked.

Later that night - Are you kidding me...it's after 2:00 a.m. and BA is still not home? I left him at his honey's house (they weren't totally alone). I text him (thank God for texting! how did my parents live without it?).

me-Hello? You still alive?
me-what's goin on?
I wait, no reply.
me-you coming home soon?
me-grrrr, fine, can you pick me up some SF French Vanilla creamer for my coffee?
OMG, I am going to kill this boy!
30 minutes later...
still no child!
me-you need to get your butt home!
BA-almost there
me-(now knowing he is safe and almost here, I am more concerned about my creamer for that pot of coffee I will desperately be needing in the morning) Did you get my creamer?
me-uh, why not?
BA-her dad's bringing me home
me-(deep disappointment) fine!
GAH!! He is SO much like his father...a man of many words!! NOT! *rolling eyes*
And he is strolling in at three in the morning - at 16 years of age!

* My button! Do you like my button? I designed it myself. I'm so proud of me! Don't you wanna grab my button? Show me some linky love! If you grab mine, I will grab yours! ;)

* I also added my 'tags cloud'. How about that? You like it? Fine, I admit I did have to ask Uncle B how to change the color codes. And, I was getting it figured out just as he was giving me the codes to use.

* Hmmmm, how many of you tell your family about your blogs? Well, I don't. I tell my Hubby and boys. And, of course, I talk to Uncle B (my brother)about it. HE is the one to blame for my addiction!

My very first blogging experience was brought about because my beautiful Baby Roo has cerebral palsy. I have so many friends and family that live out of town, and instead of repeating the same story to everyone (and possibly to the same person several times)I thought it might be easier for them to check on him there. Of course, I still love the phone calls but I'm not always available if we are in therapy, etc.

Wow, I'm really surprised how therapeutic blogging can be. I guess like keeping a journal but I don't have to worry about my loved ones finding it and reading it. So, I decided this blog is my therapy! I don't tell my loved ones about it because then I would have to edit what I ramble about. This blog is for me to honestly say what is floating between my two ears without worrying about hurt feelings. Hence, the name changes.

I am happy to share CD's blog (http://caringforcole.blogspot.com/) and send anyone I can over there to learn about CP. But, I do NOT link anything over there to send others here. This is my journal and I just have the added benefit of YOU my bloggy friends! THANKS!

*OMG! New Year's resolutions? Heck yea! I see it more as a goal though. My goal last year was the standard 'lose weight'. I did it! I lost 60 lbs. in the year of 2008! GO ME! So, for 2009, my goals are simple (or should be). (#1)Be happy! Stay positive! Fairly easy for me...even with dealing with Roo's CP and all that comes from it, I am a 'the cup is half full' kinda girl! (#2)EXERCISE!! By golly, this one is tough! I love to work out. I don't like feeling guilty for taking my time away from the family. ##and I want a Wii/Wii Fit!! These are my attainable goals. There are plenty of others but I might set myself up for failure. I do hope to be more diligent in posting on both blogs. I have been a little too relaxed on Roo's.

I SO want to add...get more sleep! But, since I obviously have NO control over that...

There are more Friday Fragments floating freely for all to see...(say that fast five times..lol). To see them, fly over to Half-Past Kissin Time's place.

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Rachel said...

My family doesn't get to see my blog, and only about 2 friends who have no contact w/my family see it. I don't want to have to censor myself, and frankly, sometimes I need to vent about my family, which probably wouldn't go over well with them.

Chris said...

I have told some family and friends about my blog. I kind of wish I hadn't but since I did there is not turning back now. I have decided I don't care if they read it so they better not care what they read.
I love your button. You are such a purty lady! I am so proud of you too.
I really need to figure out how to make those things. I don't have a photo editing program on my computer. I need to get one. That would probably help a lot.
You know I am dreading my Blake turning 16 and the freedoms I will have to allow him when he does. SCAREY!!

blueviolet said...

Some of my family knows about my blog and some don't. I've probably told about as many of them as I care to at this point. And your button making abilities are most impressive. I seriously need to get PhotoShop. Oh the tricks you can trick with it...well, I think so...I don't have it so I don't even really know.

heartatpreschool said...

LOVE your new button!

THANK YOU for the lemonade award! That was really sweet of you!

I linked to you in the post I wrote about it:

lov said...

your button is too cute!
how did you make it so that the code is there??
that is what i'm going to try to figure out today....
thanks for that!

Keri said...

I see they don't call you the RaMbLeR for nothing! After checking out and grabbing your button, calling you Rambilicious seems more appropriate! HAWT mama!

I've probably told you this already, but hey, I'll say it again... I don't share my blog with my family. If they come across it, fine. But I don't advertise it to any of them. On the other hand, everyone knows about Logan's blog and I try to attract as much traffic as I can. Wanting to raise cerebral palsy awareness! But like you, there is no link to my blog on Logan's. I'm gonna keep it that way too.

Great post!!

Ivana Clay said...

Just had to say "YAY YOU" for losing 60 lbs. last year. That is amazing! That is one of my goals for this year. No more excuses....I am gonna get healthier! Glad to see that goal is actually achievable. You should be super proud of yourself!!

Good luck on attaining all your goals for 09! I like the one about getting the Wii Fit. :)