January 23, 2009

Friday Fragments-ZZzzzzzz

Friday Fragments?
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ZZzzzzz's.......that's what I need (duhn-nah-nah-nah-nah-nahnd)!! I am completely wiped out this week! It's been a rough one and the lack of sleep has caught up with me (and passed). They say you can never truly get caught up on sleep. Once you miss out on it, it's gone. I sure would LOVE to give it a shot! Test that crazy theory! Keep on reading and you will see...hey, maybe I should see how many hours I missed, tell Hubby he has to take all three boys and GO (I could never sleep with them here), and sleep those extra hours away that I missed. Hmmmmm.....

So, Monday was fine, I got my typical 5 hours of sleep. Tuesday night was the killer! I got Roo to sleep before midnight so I hop into BlogLand and was just about ready to start shutting things down when he starts SCREAMING...loudly! To make a long story short, he was having tummy trouble again. So, I got a little bit of sleep from about 4:00-4:45 when Hubby came to see why he was screaming. Then I went back to try something else and dozed off with him, on his floor from 6:00-7:45, patting his butt or rubbing his belly every time he would wake up. I had to get up with Taz at 7:45 so no more sleep for that day. Yep-I got 2 hours that night. Wednesday, still a little tummy trouble, but I managed to get in 4 hours (not uninterrupted). Last night I thought was amazing...I got 6 hours in.

I am thinking maybe I should invest in some stock for concealer or better yet, eye cream (because I don't typically wear make-up). I'm just not sure if there really is any out there that will truly work. You know-for the dark circles and bags under my eyes from lack of sleep? Do any of you know of anything that really works?

Well, it's official, I am driving my Hubby nuts with all my need for Mr. Dell. This laptop is seriously becoming my best friend. I can say that cause I have made friends through Mr. Dell and I spend every possible moment stroking 'his buttons'. I even sit here and giggle as I stare at Mr. Dell. Hubby will ask "what are you laughing at?" and I reply "oh, was that out loud? haha". I asked Hubby if he was jealous of Mr. Dell. He just rolled his eyes but I'm thinkin he just might be. ;)

Wednesday evening Uncle J came to pick up Taz and took him to see Walking with the Dinosaurs (a dinosaur exhibit-duh). Being a typical 7 year old boy, he absolutely loved it. I sent my camera with Uncle J and requested lots of pictures. I gave him a brief training on how to work my camera. Turn on/off here, here is how you zoom, this is how you turn on the flash. Just the basics. I wasn't sure how close they would be or how things would be set up. So, here are a few pics that Uncle J took with my camera. Oh, before they left I told Taz he needed to pose with the dinosaurs for me so I could post them on my blog. Ok, yea, yea, I will. Whatever. I was lucky to get these few shots of him and there isn't even one dinosaur with him. You will just have to trust me, he was there.

Now, being delirious from my lack of sleep, a strange thought popped into my head and I thought it was funny....you know my Hawaii twin The Rambler that I've mentioned a few times? Put us together and we are (H)awaii (O)klahoma (T)wins. HOT! I told you...VERY tired!

***AND***Last but not least, the best news of the week...........baby Roo has started saying MAMA (so far it is only when he is crying and screaming, but I will take what I can get). I never thought his screaming would sound so sweet!

8 other ramblers babbled:

pam said...

Aww, Mama is music to our ears, isn't it?

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...


Veronica Lee said...

Stroking Mr. Dell's buttons! You made me choke on my toast a minute ago with your funny post!!

Doublebanker said...

Sorry you had a rough night...looks like it time for a break to get some sleep!

Check out the girl rolling her tongue...it's freaky

Mrs4444 said...

Maybe your husband should call Mr.4444 when we are on the computer. Nah...the phones would burn out!

I have heard of something for the circles and bags; it's called SLEEP! I plan to get very little this weekend, heehee.

Keri said...

You keep on reminding me why your so well known as the Rambler! You're gifted! Hope you know how much you are loved!

Mama, isn't it just music to yor ears? Even when he's screaming it? BTW, sleep. What is that? Where can I find some?

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Sleep? Hmmm...I've heard of that before...it's kind of a vague memory... ;)

Baby Roo is saying MAMA! WooHoo! Before you know it, he'll be babbling away... ;)

Katy said...

I bet Taz had fun at the dinosaur show! I should take my kids to see it. Do you know how long they're doing this?
I never told you, but love the pics. of you at the top of your blog page.
Love that Roo is saying Mama, even when he's upset...guess we know who he counts on when he's in need, right.