November 20, 2008

WHO? are we

(these names have been changed to protect the innocent)

ME - of course-the Mom, the RaMbLeR, the piddler, the taxi, short order cook, book keeper, pillow (as in soft place to fall), ear (to listen), diaper changer, therapist and sometimes maid

Hubby - babe, My Man, the handy man, the baker, dry cleaners, Pooh Bear, best friend, my helper, Dad, the enforcer

BA - bad attitude, BK-Burger King, A1-steak sauce(marching band joke), Eeyore, my oldest son, babysitter, shy, laid back, Tuba Boy

SM - motor mouth, Taz, Tigger, happy-go-lucky, my middle son, crack me upper, 90-to-nothin, natural athlete

CD - my Roo, Franklin, my CP baby, my fighter, my baby boy, my hero...(see caringforcole blog)

V - the dog, the only other hairy female (not that I'm hairy, cause I shave) but has no voice (not human anyway), pretty girl

3 other ramblers babbled:

Chris said...

Thanks for the introductions.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

thanks for the key to the family tree.

lov said...

why is this just now showing up in my google reader???