March 12, 2009

Did you say 5K? 10K?

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I am missing my temps in the 70's from just a few days ago! These pics were only a couple of weeks ago and it was a little chilly because of the wind but still a beautiful sunny day. Now it is freezing today!

I'm SO ready for the warmth of summer so we can go outside and play.

I have decided to train to attempt a 5K this summer. Don't laugh! I did say 'attempt'. I've never been a runner other than running from one base to the next playing softball. So my longest distance to run was however far it is around all four bases when I would hit a homerun. And, YES, I did hit quite a few homeruns back in the day!

A friend told me about an online 'coach' that helps you train for the 5K (Coach-to-5K) and I finally started that this week. I hope it prepares me the same on my treadclimber as it would out on the open road cause it has been way too cold for me to go out this week.

So, I have found, online, a few 5K's for charities and a 10K bike ride I think I might try. Once it is warm enough I will be training Roo to ride with me. I have to build up his tolerance for how long he can sit in his seat. Just last weekend he did great! He rode for 45 minutes.

Don't forget..... March is National CP Awareness Month!

DID YOU KNOW....(according to the CDC)

The estimated lifetime cost for those born in 2000 with a developmental disability are expected to total (based on 2003 dollars):
  • $51.2 billion for people with mental retardation,

  • $11.5 billion for people with cerebral palsy,

  • $2.1 billion for people with hearing loss, and

  • $2.5 billion for people with vision impairment.

These costs are likely an underestimate of the true cost of developmental disabilities because these numbers are based only on the prevalence estimates for the developmental disabilities ascertained by MADDSP (one of CDC monitoring programs).

Further, children living with developmental disabilities will need not only financial assistance, but also special educational and medical services throughout their lives in order to achieve their optimal development. MADDSP also identifies a case population of school-aged children with developmental disabilities that serves as an essential component for epidemiologic studies (CADDRE) examining risk factors for developmental disabilities in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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jennykate77 said...

You go, girl! A 5k or a 10k...that's AWESOME! It's for a really great cause too!

Hope you're having a great week! This cold, nasty, "wintery mix" needs to find it's way OUT! I'm so ready for spring!

Melinda said...

I am so proud of you for even trying to run a 5k...that is very impressive!!

Hope you are trying to stay warm today. We ended up getting a ton of snow in my neck of the woods!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

we have that same bike seat! the lil guy loves it! I say go for the 10k!!!

btw super cute giveaway going on my site

April said...

Keep us updated on your 5k or 10k progress.....I need some inspiration! Happy ATWT!

Misadventured Domestic Diva said...

I bet after a little while, running will be your new stress reliever!! I ran my first half marathon in January! It was in AZ, so GREAT weather! I did it as a fundraiser with Team In Training. My friend has lost her 10yo to Leukemia, and for her 40th bday wish she wanted 40 friends to run the half and raise $$ for the LLS! We ended up with 50 ladies, Mitchell's Angels, running and raised over $200k! It was awesome! Please post of any up coming CP runs...I would LOVE to be a part one!

Angela said...

You go girl! You just have to love this Oklahoma weather. A week or so of spring temps in the 70s and low 80s then today we get 30s with sleet and snow ~ only in OK!

Ivana Clay said...

So awesome that you are doing the 5K! That takes a lot of strength and determination! Now if the weather would just turn nice training would be a breeze! You go girl! :)

lov said...

good luck! attempting is better than nothing! i'm doing the same thing....which i know this race in only a few short weeks will be a lot of run/walking for me, but at least i'm trying....just like you! :)

i've missed you in blogger must be busy busy!

Dawn said...

Get on with your bad self!! I think it's awesome you are even trying.

I get out of breath or hurt something just running to catch the phone when it's ringing! LOL!

Michelle said...

Good job! I don't even think I could do the 5K!
I am going to start working out next week, so hopefully I will get in better shape.

Mel Fraase said...

I haven't seen a 70 degreee temp since last September, so don't even start!!!
Good luck with the 5k (and 10k!)! I waddled the 5k here last year. If I can get my butt off this couch I'll do it again with alittle less waddle!!!

Kalei said...

I was thinking I would "attempt" a run here in pittsburgh....but shhhh don't tell anyone, just in case the word gets out and I will actually have to participate. =) Crazy on the financials of special needs cases.

Chris said...

Wow! A 5k? That is ambitious. I am just working on getting off the couch. Summer is on it's way and my butt is still not ready to be seen in shorts. I guess the time to take care of that is now. Good luck in your training.

Baloney said...

One 5k was enough for me, but... I'm a wimp. If it works out, we'd love to have your run for the Autism Center of Tulsa on May 9th.
I love that you are posting some awareness for CP this month. I was thinking of doing the same thing for Autism next month.
Love the stats. In our state (as you most likely know) if you want help your child must have a mental disability to get help and insurance doesn't like seeing us coming. It's a real mess.

The Mom Jen said...

Oh man you can totally do it!! Rock it sister!