Seriously? It's only been one day! Whew that post wore me out.....LOL

I am sitting here fighting the eyelids again. Roo is asleep on the floor below me (yes, I let him sleep on his floor even though he has a beautiful new bed that will grow with him...thank God, hopefully we can get our money's worth from it someday). What little bit he does sleep is so much better on his floor than in the bed where he gets stuck any time he tries to roll over.

Isn't this bed beautiful?*sigh* of these days he will sleep in this!

So, I will tell you my 'event' that happened today...but then I have got to go to bed! really!

I was sitting at my desk earlier today, still working. When SM comes to me and says

SM - Mom, I think a fire ant bit me down there!

Rambler - (trying to make him laugh)Do you have ants in your pants? (he's looking at me like 'I think I just said that didn't I'... ggggg (oops, look, I decided to leave my evidence of these heavy eye lids-LOL)

SM - Not now!

Rambler - Do they make you wanna dance?

SM - (giggling)Noooo, mom! There is a red spot on my doodads. giggle And, yes, we use the funny little nick-names for our private parts. They know the correct terms but giggle when they use a nick-name.

Rambler - Do you have an ingrown hair?

He is looking a little confused at me.....never mind.

SM - Do you wanna see?

Rambler - Ummmm, ok? (do you 'really' have to show me your privates kiddo? geesh the things a mom will do for her kids)

SM - See it hurts right here. (no embarrassment for him, as I check to assess the situation)

Rambler - Let's go in the bathroom where we have more light.

Sure enough, I could see a seed tick so I reached over for the tweezers to get that stupid tick off my son's doodads and stop causing him discomfort. I reach over, pick up the tweezers to make sure I can get a hold of that tiny little blood sucker!

OMG!! The LOOK on Taz's face (like NO WAY are you getting those tweezers anywhere close to MY privates!!!) - PRICELESS!

Thank God (for both of us)that whole ordeal is done and over with! ROFL!


Don't forget to go check out Fraase Family's post here, to help Roo and get this awesome pendant (to help it does have to have the baseball glove/ball but you can have any name you wish on the pendant you order). Thanks to bed! I will 'try' to post tomorrow, but I may be on too many drugs....I have a minor surgery (in the doctor's office) and will be on pain meds. (so do NOT hold me accountable for anything I may say IF I am not passed out.)

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Mel Fraase said...

Bwaa hahaha! Oh...I mean... poor kid. At least he doesn't sound too traumatized!! How are you?! Good luck on the surgery, take a few drugs for me, too. And if you do post, it's gonna be a riot!!

The Rambler said...

Holy seed tick...what?

Hawaii girl here.

And oh my...glad I have a girl.

But being I said this if I ever decide for a second child it most certainly will be a boy and I'll have to remember this story.


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! Poor kid!

Melinda said...

Lol - poor thing (thing = you and your kiddo) ; )

Queen-Size funny bone said...

great goodness...

Baloney said...


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hahahaha! (Should I be laughing?) Do you make this stuff up?!!! Omgosh! I would die! I think I would have called the paramedics. You...are... my...idol.

Impulsive Addict said...

If I found a tick on my do-dads, I would just go ahead and assume I contracted lyme's disease. *shivers*

Life with Kaishon said...

What a crazy story! I winced when you got the tweezers too. Oh, yes I did!