I know...it's been too long since I have been able to get my FF's posted.

So, in case you missed my post about my sweet friend Mel at Fraase Family, she had a little blogaversary giveaway and offered for every pendant sold with this cute little baseball glove and ball, she would give $4 of the $7 it cost to put into Cole's Trust to help pay for his school.

Well, her giveaway ended today....but I will soon be having my very own very first giveaway and YOU will have another opportunity to win one of her beautiful pendants from her Etsy site (more details to come). In the meantime, if you would like to help support Cole you can click on the pic above and buy his cute little pendant! ...and you don't have to have his name on yours!

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Ok...I think I must have a girl crush on my friend Dawn over at Dawn's Diversions! I mean, why else would I have a dream about her? Oh yes I did! And, yes she is one hawt mama but....it wasn't that kind of dream.

You see that cute little button up there? The one about National MNO? YEP-you got it! I get to go!

So, over 50 fellow okie bloggers are getting together for this MNO on Thursday evening and it is gonna be a blast!

Well, Dawn was the one that spread the news to me (thank you, thank you Dawn!). Then in the same town I will be in a 5k/fun run (or was that a fun walk Dawn? either way, we will be walking this one cause Dawn doesn't run! she does however workout at the YMCA-btw, stay away from the alli or you won't stay away from the toilet-I hear) on Saturday for Dawn's daughter with the ACT (which you could donate to if you feel so inclined).

I have been SO excited about getting a day off work, getting to go chat and have a IRL GNO, and get to ramble some more on the walk! I guess so excited that I had THE DREAM...

OK...I'm getting to the dream! So, we were having a 'slumber party', like I used to have way back when I was 13.

We were at Dawn's house and it was night time so we headed to her room. I stopped at the doorway, looked in and saw two huge king sized beds in opposite corners of the room, and Dawn's Hubby was sleeping in one of the beds. Just like a little kid that knows they are not supposed to go into 'the parents' room (except mine don't seem to know this), I stood there until she told me to come on in.

I go and jump on the other bed (they must have a HUGE bedroom...lol) and we just acted silly (you remember? singing into the hair brush microphone and jumping dancing on the bed and then laying half off the bed with our feet hanging off just chit-chatting (like teenagers).

So, in case you haven't figured me out yet...I am a goofball! A silly 16 year old in a 41 year old's body. LOL

Oh, and because I have been SUCH a slacker lately, I forgot to tell you that I got to meet AND eat with Dawn and with Jonni from That's Baloney! This was clear back during our Spring Break. I still have a couple of other stories from that time...but that's for later.

These two ladies are both absolutely stunning ... and TALL! (not fair, I want long legs) We ate great Mexican food (I tried the fish tacos that Dawn suggested and they really were good and she said they had to be good for us since they were fish...hehe), a couple had some margaritas and wonderful conversation! Thanks ladies!


Oh - and, you really should check out this new blogger I have found through twitter (Durgagirl). She takes life's sometimes sad realities and puts a very humerous twist to every situation. She talks about our 'sandwich generation' (it explains on her blog), taking care of family, dealing with (dementia) Alzheimer's and will crack you up! She is so sweet, smart and even has a very cute ass! (ROFL...you have to go see her Twitter pic to get that one!)

On another note.........On Monday we will be taking Roo to get Botox injections in his arms and hands. I have had so many mixed feelings about letting someone inject a poison into my baby.

I will be spending most of this weekend with MORE research. I want to make absolutely certain that I make the right decision. Sometimes it is SO difficult being a parent and making those tough choices.

I have to read, study, weigh the positives to negatives....and PRAY that whatever decision I make is the right one. So, this is what I have been doing every chance I get and at this time (and unless I find something significantly different than what I have so far) I have decided to move forward with the Botox.

Please go read more details at Roo's blog, Caring for Cole, here and here.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, send all your good vibes, and positive energy! I will try to get a post up just as soon as possible.

.........and don't forget to go see my dear friend Mrs.4444's for more Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?

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lov said...

i do so love your rambles!!
and i'm praying for roo, and you! :)

Mel Fraase said...

Wow, ya got anything else you'd like to say!?? Praying for Cole (and momma) on Monday! Love ya!

Mrs4444 said...

You're a great mom to be making your decision so carefully. Cole's fortunate to have you for a mom.

I'm excited for you to have that bloggy gathering to look forward to. Your dream shows how much you are looking forward to it :)

Why doesn't someone start a Wisconsin blogger gathering?! (No. I'm not going to.)

Keeping you and your family in my prayers...

Keri said...

That's it?? That's all you got to say?? Hehe...

Dawn said...

Oh, good Lord!! No wonder you don't have a voice anymore!!! ROLFPMP!!!!!

You are SO funny!!! Love you!!