Rachel Coleman of Signing Time!

Rachel Coleman the mom!


Follow the above link to read why this beautiful lady is so amazing!

I have mentioned in the past how much Roo is in love with Rachel and the whole Signing Time crew. Who new that a little baby could be such a good judge of character?

We originally started watching Signing Time after Roo's speach therapist with our early intervention program suggested it. At that time the show was on our local PBS channel but wasn't able to remain so (anyone out there that would like to sponsor/fund them to be on public television?).

Roo became obsessed with Rachel and at times the only way to calm him is by playing the show. So, we purchased several DVD's, music cassettes (to play at night as he used to never sleep), and flash cards for those times we just can't play the DVD's (besides he also LOVES books, and he thinks we are reading a book to him when we go through the cards).

Last June we found out that Signing Time would be in Oklahoma and I knew I would have to do whatever it took to take Roo to the show.

We were lucky enough to meet this lovely lady and her amazing husband after the show and then we got to have lunch with them. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Even at that time I didn't think a couple could be any more awesome than they were. I mean here they are big time stars and yet when they held my disabled child in their arms so sweetly it warmed my heart.

Once again I am posting from my iPhone (apparently if I want to blog, I will be having to do the majority of it here ...the boys have taken over my laptop). So, once I can get to it I will update with pics.

I am so lucky to have met this wonderful mom that inspires me to be the best I can be-not just for me, my hubby or for my other two boys but especially for Roo because I don't want to be his reason for not being able to do anything he wants to do. I am also thankful for Signing Time and the communication they have made possible. Roo can't talk but he knows what we are saying and signing to him. He has started making a few signs although they are not clear cut if you watch closely you can tell he is trying. He also says a lot with his eyes. He signs 'milk', 'more' and in this video he is signing 'Alex' and 'Leah' (from Signing Time).

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♥georgie♥ said...

you are an amazing mom and person!

The Rambler said...

That's so great Twinkie!!

When my BFF had a stroke for some reason the only way she could communicate was signing (which she hadn't used in years...her mother taught sign language at another college).

So me and her best friends learned the alphabet so we could communicate with her where she wouldn't get so frustrated.

It's amazing when you can "hear" what they are trying to convey!


Heather, Sebi, Janson, and Jack said...

I'm so impressed! It's a touching tribute...and ROO IS AWESOME! I am so cheering for him every day! Great things are happening...

Dawn said...

I love this post!!

I'm so happy you got to meet and hang out with them.

You are such an incredible person and mom and I'm so thankful to call you FRIEND!!!