My dear, sweet bloggy have been SO kind to be here for me, to offer your support for my brother-in-law. I have another favor to ask of you then I will give a quick follow up on him.

Please take a moment to send your positive thoughts or your prayers or whatever you believe for little baby MckMuffin. You can read about what is going on at My Charming Kids. I went through the same familiar (all too freshly familiar) feelings and worries when My Roo was born, not breathing.

Now, for my update.........Uncle G is doing great! He was moved out of the ICU today and is hoping to get to go home by the weekend. His head is still lopsided but looks amazing considering all the different angled slices from the lawn mower. He no longer has that second head.

When I went to visit this evening I won some major brownie points! I took him his ideal version of the 'get well' plant/flowers. I bought him a roll of Copenhagen, a card, and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Ok, so the DP was really for me (to drink). It was for him to use as a spit bottle (lovely, eh?) so the nurses would think it was the DP. Let's just hope they don't get thirsty and try to sneak a drink. If they do then it will serve them right to get a swig of that nasty .... snuff! I am officially his favorite in-law now! (actually, I think I already was ;).........)

I didn't get any pictures as the lights hurt his head, but, Aunt S is very good about documenting all events with her camera. As soon as she forwards some to me or puts some on her Flickr, I will post them so you can see just how lovely he looked.

Once again, my friends, thank you so much!!

I will resume my Not Me Monday next week. Take care!

4 other ramblers babbled:

The Rambler said...

Glad to hear BIL is doing well tweenkie RaMbLeR!!!

I just gagged thinking of the nurses taking a swig of Ughhh....had an ex that had bottles EVERYWHERE!

kel said...

Oh my gosh... I am just catching up on your blog and read that post about your brother in law!! omg!! I can't believe that!! what a freak accident!!! I am so glad he will be ok!! wow... i'm speechless..

Chris said...

I am glad he is doing better and will be okay. I just have one question...How could you not be someone's favorite anything?

Mel Fraase said...

Holy Cow!! BIL really did a number on himself. It's amazing how quickly and unexpectedly something like that can happen!! Way to bring contraband nto the hospital ;) Working on the birthing center floor I've seen much worse contraband (what's that smell...not inscence). Hope he's on the mend fast!!