January 7, 2009


I am so flattered and am speechless....ok, maybe NOT speechless, that would be the day!

One of our fellow bloggy friends Ivana over at Babies, Big Sister and Bumps in the Road has been ever-so-sweet to honor me with this Beautiful Award! She is the mommy of three (two of which are twins) adorable children.

So, here are the rules (for those of you rule followers...otherwise go with it sista and make it your own).

Find the beautiful ladies that you follow and give them this award. Hopefully, it will truly mean something to each and every one of you. Don't be shy...give it to the same person and don't forget to tell the recipients!

Now I have the difficult task of 'choosing' a few of my favorite beautiful women to honor with this award. Just know that YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!! and I love 'trying' to find the time to read everyone's blogs. Thank you my bloggy buddies for following along with me and giving me a place to be ME, the RaMbLeR!

Are kidding me? Arrrggh! I am totally serious...I started this 'Beautiful' post at 8:00 this morning and I sit here it now being 2:00. Good grief Charlie Brown!! I seriously love you ALL too much to just pick a few.

I suppose I 'the RaMbLeR' am a rebel! I can not be a rule follower! Oh NO!! I've always tried to pretend that I always follow the rules.....apparently NOT! And now I have had to admit this to myself and to you my Beautiful bloggy friends!

I love the variety that each one of you offer. I truly get so caught up in reading about each one of you and what you have to say and inevitably one post will lead to a totally new place. I read and I draw something from each one of your posts.

So, my BEAUTIFUL bloggy friends.... PLEASE grab your award, post it and wear it with pride! I personally want to say 'thank you' for opening up and sharing with me! And for letting me do the same!

6 other ramblers babbled:

Deb said...

love the song. what a great award you received. and i would agree that you are, indeed, beautiful!

Chris said...

I'm still laughing about you being speachless!! LOL!

Okay, I have recovered. I love, love, love that song by Christina!

Good way to choose your recipients. I had such a hard time picking mine.

Mel Fraase said...

Awww! Now for my confession of the day...I worked over New Years and did not the the OTHER award waiting for me until today when I had time to read back on you older posts. So, Sorry! I'll post it ASAP!!

PS Thanks for last night, it was great! Ummm...that sounded a lot dirtier than I intended!

Mel Fraase said...

Also, I cannot spell. AT. ALL.

Kari said...

Congratulations on your beautiful award!

You are beautiful, your writing is beautiful and your appreciation for your fellow bloggers is beautiful!!!

I'm glad you RaMbLe, and read my ramblings too. :-)

Addie F said...

Nice bblog