It's 2:00 in the morning and I got lost in reading every one's blogs, then I realized I hadn't entered my post for today (it's still today since I haven't gone to sleep yet, right?).

So, tomorrow I have my Christmas party with my co-workers. We are slowly dwindling down to very few from what used to be our office since we have all come to work at home and they (the Boss) shut down this office. I am taking my recipe for Fiesta Ranch Dip and chips to contribute to our pot-luck munchies that we will be pigging out on. One of the girls (my friend) was crazy/kind enough to offer to have our small gathering at her house. I will add the recipe below and will take pics and post them later.

I hope you will try and enjoy this recipe!! It is super easy too!

Fiesta Ranch Dip & Tostito Chips
1-16 oz. sour cream
1-pack Fiesta Ranch mix
1-4 oz. can of diced green chilies
1/3 c (plus) shredded cheese (Fiesta blend)
fresh diced tomato

Tostito chips

Mix all ingredients (I usually add 1 full cup of the shredded cheese because (1)I like cheese (2) it helps make the dip a little thicker) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (I usually mix the night before so the flavors are better). I'm hungry just thinking about it. Does anyone have a secret to opening the chip bag so I can sneak a few bites and seal it back so no one knows (ya know, like an envelope when you are trying to be nosy without anyone knowing you opened and read what was inside)? Oh, you are not going to admit it even if you do huh? Fine...guess I will go to bed now!

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Dee said...

oh yummy! Well I'm excited that you'll be joining us on Tuesday! I can't wait to see some talent from your house!

Chris said...

You know I had every intention of making it a late night on the computer last night. I didn't even make it to 9:30 and I was sleeping on the couch. My back has been bothering me still from being cooped up in the car so long over the holiday weekend and honestly I am still just wiped out from that. My poor old body needed some rest I guess.
By the way~~I tagged you again. I am so glad you have this fun blog now!

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for explaining about meme. I tried to follow your blog but when I clicked on 'follow me', I encountered an error. So how do I follow your blog??!!

Veronica Lee said...

Sorry, it was my pop-up blocker! DUH...DUHHHHH!