December 19, 2008

Friday Fragments - numero uno

Friday Fragments?

I love the idea of putting all the little fragments floating around in my head down somewhere! If I could only 'catch' them all we would be good...or scared! If you also want to see the fragments of others you can check them out at Half Past Kissing Time.

I WANT A Wii, I WANT A Wii........and a Wii Fit! So, I'm trying to win a Wii from Mile High Mommas.

Oh My Gosh!! Christmas is NEXT week! and I have barely even started shopping.

Christmas cards - what stinking Christmas cards? I have them ordered (barely). Please, please let them get here by Saturday morning. Will it still count if they go out after Christmas? They do also say Happy New Year. ;)

Awesome - that's what my new Gmail account is! Keep an eye out because I will figure out how to add the instant messenger right here on this blog so we can chat!

WTH! How many blowouts can a baby have in one day anyway?

Is CD sick or not? Should I take him to the doctor? Nah, just off to school after his aqua therapy. Well, crap! Why is he screaming? Fine, better take him to the doctor before the weekend. No ear infection? Then what the heck is wrong with him? Oh, possible strep throat (thinking-oh great, it has been going around at the school). Strep comes back negative. This is good right? Well, then what is wrong with him? Oh, ok, swollen, irritated and has little bumps on his tongue and back of his throat. Alrighty then, nothing more than Tylenol/Motrin and maybe Orajel on his tongue. Yeah, right! He for sure won't eat then.

Wow! Tweetdeck is SO cool! Do y'all Twitter? Come find and add me at leanna_mom23.

Christmas tree? It should be up already. OMG, my house is a mess, no room to put my tree up and I still have to finish painting my balls. Hey-get your minds out of the gutter! My ornaments have been forever red & gold. Every year I tell myself I will buy new ornaments when they go on sale after Christmas. Every year I spend all our money that we don't have on gifts and tell myself 'next year'. *sigh*. That's it-still no money for new ornaments so I am spray painting my old gold ornaments silver. Maybe I can fake myself out and they will feel like new to me. When I am done decorating I will post a pic of my new creation that I will only get to have up for a week. Way to go!

I really need to go post on CD's blog. Things to blog about-theratogs, sleep (lack of), what to do about onesies (so his shirts don't come up) once he's past 24mos size.

WooHoo!! Weighed in today...lost another 2 pounds. *pat on back* just new I gained from Thanksgiving.

Don't forget hair cuts for all tomorrow!

*yawn* I want to go to bed! My Roo is still wide awake, watching The Upside Down Show and rocking in his bouncy seat AND it is now 1:00 in the morning! Grrr...Hubby is sawing logs so loudly right beside me on the couch...he really just needs to go to bed to do that cause I don't get to fall asleep yet.

Guess I better try to shut down everything and get everyone in bed....good night!

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Chris said...

Wow, your mind is incredibly full. If those are all your fragments of thoughts then you have a lot going on in your head.
Oh and Yes, even if people don't get your cards until after christmas it counts.

kel said...

Wow... that was one heck of a post! You are one busy gal!

Midwest Mommy said...

I haven't gotten a third of the normal cards I usually get. Either Christmas snuck up on people or the economy just sucks.

Mommie Mayhem said...

Lots of stuff going on here. We got the boys a Wii for Christmas .. I'm trying to talk hubby into getting the Wii Fit for me !

Mrs4444 said...

Isn't it nice to unload all of those random thoughts?! Glad you played this week :)

Yes, Mrs4444 Twitters. I said I never would, but I didn't want to lose touch with my friend Birdie, so I caved. I like it but have so far not become addicted :)

I didn't know you could put a gmail chat thing on your blog. Will have to check that out~!

Hope the haircuts turned out well :)

Mel Fraase said...

OK - you have waaay to much going on at 1am...
Also, I've contemplated Twitter, but how linked to my internet do I really want to's beginning to be an obsession. Of course almost all of my friends are e-friends anyway, why not talk to them ;) I'll think it over this weekend (you'll probably see me there Monday!)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, just stopping by your blog to wish you "Merry Christmas" before I hit my hometown for the holidays.

Miss JC said...

Your blog is too freaking funny! The crack picture is crazy. I went out with some girls a couple of weeks ago, and we could almost see this guy's ENTIRE AZZZZ sitting at a table next to us! We took pictures of course...come over and see me!

Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!
Christmas has gotten away from me too this year. I hate wrapping presents, my cats have destroyed the tree, and my kids are sick. Happy holidays. And the cat just puked on the treeskirt. Can life get any better than this, really?

The Rambler said...

OMG, can I say at first I was like, did I message myself? Then I was like, crap did I pre-post something?

So funny. I guess great minds think alike (wink, wink for us)...

We are so Rambler twins...:)