December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday - #1

I am NOT just about to post my very first Not Me Monday and if you like it you can read more denials from other Not Me Monday mommies at MckMama's place My Charming Kids.

I SO obviously do NOT like my daily themed posts because I do NOT search for themes for every day of the week. (like I would NOT have the time to post every single day)

I am NOT sitting here typing away thinking "oh my gosh, what is THAT smell?" knowing CD just pooped his britches and now I am NOT needing to pause long enough to change his mess! Yuck!

LOL...I am back but I did NOT eat one of Hubby's Reese's Miniatures while he wasn't looking.

And, because it would just be crazy, I am NOT sitting here playing on my laptop, listening to Signing Time on DVD player just to keep Roo happy while watching Rush Hour 3 with Hubby.

I and my children did NOT about pee our pants today watching Hubby 'TRY' to play Rock Band.

I am NOT going to tell you that I ordered 100 Christmas cards to mail out because I honestly have NOT mailed even one out because they have NOT been delivered to me yet. And, oh you know it, I am NOT nervous about that at all!

Another truth I will NOT admit to is that my tree is up but only has two newly painted ornaments hanging on it. I did NOT tell Hubby that it would be up to him to finish painting the rest of the gold balls silver for me. I'm pretty sure I must've heard him offer since he is not working.

And most importantly of all I did NOT choose to post on this blog instead of working on CD's blog. So I better close up here since I am NOT going to go over there.

5 other ramblers babbled:

Mel Fraase said...

I DID NOT just send out MOST of my Christmas cards today. Oganized people like us had them out weeks ago (not)!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no about the cards!
I love not me Monday...I totally forgot today was Monday :-)

Chris said...

I have not seen a not me Monday post before. So in the spirit of that I did NOT break my promise to myself and eat my weight in cookies, candy and flavored popcorn yesterday at work since this week people are dropping off the goodies like we are a homeless shelter. Have a good day and I sent you and email this morning!

Miss JC said...

Good morning my new friend! I freaking love your themes. They make reading so enjoyable! hehe! I just now noticed the posting about your tuba-playing son and all of his band stuff. I totally understood it all because I have my degree in band! (aka: instrumental music education..) I teach music at a TINY school here in OK. IT's awesome..

Anniebanannie said...

I really like this theme! I've never seen it before and it's totally fun.

I noticed you visited my place, so thought I'd stop by to "meet" you! Nice to meet you!