December 23, 2008

Totally Talented Tuesday-#3

This is SO fun to search through pics and decide who will be in the spot light each week! You really should come play too. If you want to play and read up on more talent all over the world you should check out the rules over at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.

Well, I KNOW I just posted a couple of weeks ago about how totally talented my Hubby is. I just have to say he REALLY IS!! So, the first post I went for his softer, yummy side.

This week I have to show his more manly side so you know he is no wuss (for my Okie girls-WV-I know the cow 'wuss' here, I can see the hoof prints- ;) LOL).

When I stated in the side bar that I call my Man, the handy man, I wasn't kiddin! He can 'almost' fix anything. He's not real impressive when it comes to plumbing or electrical. He can handle the small stuff like changing an outlet, replacing a bulb, hanging a ceiling fan or replacing the garbage disposal, a toilet or replacing an existing sink. Just don't ask him to install new plumbing or fix the pipe under our kitchen sink where we have a can of Lysol under an elbow so it won't leak on that side of the sink. Which, by the way, how was I supposed to know when I needed to freshen the air after the baby had that really bad diaper, that it would make the pipe slide down and then leak? Oh, and I have to remind him he should probably turn OFF the electricity when he is messing with that stuff...he tends to forget how he was stuck to that box out by the air conditioner box when he thought he could change that plug without turning it off.

Ok, enough of what he can't do...I am here to show just how talented he IS. One time, a long time ago ( maybe three years ago) he was 'The Man' and built me new kitchen cabinets and new counter tops. He Rocked! BUT, because he didn't have the proper bit to complete the doors we would have to order those. Do you know how much those doors cost? A LOT! So, I waited, I nagged, I begged, I hinted....until FINALLY for my birthday this year (yea, it was November 24th) he built me my doors.

I absolutely LOVE them. It is very strange to look around in there and NOT be able to see all the crap in each cabinet. He also added the bead board (that matches my doors) onto the wall in my dining room! And as he replaces the trim and windows through out the house he is casing in the windows. Oh, and BTW, he does have his own business as a trim carpenter. It is hard to 'see' the difference the doors make in these pictures but...Aren't they beautiful?

3 other ramblers babbled:

The Rambler said...

I farking love you already....

I'm linky loving you on tomorrow's post...:)

And your gonna die, but my great aunt lives in great uncle was in Hawaii via military and when he asked my great grandfather/mother for her hand in marriage they told him (jokingly)if he can catch the pig for the next days luau my great aunt was his....Romantically he caught the pig and married and took my aunt off to Oklahoma city. :) True Story...scouts honor...or is that brownies honor.

:) Have a great Christmas EVE!

Chris said...

He does beautiful work.
I don't feel so bad now that there are many things in my house that are unfinished and have been for years. If it took 3 years for you to get your cabinet doors then there may be hope for me yet!!

kel said...

I'm jealous.. can you send him my way?