January 30, 2009

Friday Fragments - Tuesday!

Friday Fragments?

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Half Past Kissin' Time...

Once again I stayed up way too late reading blogs. I was working on my normal visits and replying to comments when I noticed a post on my bud, Katy, @Fun With the Baker 5

She was talking about this blog, Go Blog Yourself. Please take the time to go check out their story! Remember the awesome read I sent you to with NieNie?? This one has one simple request....Pray for Tuesday on Tuesday!

Tuesday is one of twin girls and she has CANCER! So, even if you don't pray, please send all your well wishes, good vibes, and positive thoughts their way!

I found myself sitting here reading their story, crying, until well after 2:00 this morning. Even though my baby doesn't have cancer, he does have CP, a disability. I could so relate to the pain of feeling so helpless, sitting in the hospital, all the testing, all the WAITING. And, just wanting to be a 'normal' family again and wanting nothing more than for your baby to NOT be in pain, to be healthy and happy and running, jumping and playing....to be ALIVE!


Now, on with the rest of my fragments! I've had quite a week!

I already posted about my poor mailbox passing. What's even sadder is we are having to make do with it's carcus until we can get out to get a replacement. Hubby reconnected the post to the box but it was totally dismembered at the 'feet'. He found this empty pot I had and had to use these blocks and some lumber to support the poor thing. I was thinking it would be pretty hilarious to see the mail person open, insert mail,and close...just to see it go tumbling apart. Hmmm, that doesn't sound as funny now as it did in my head.

Ok, you know Mrs.4444 that runs this shin-dig of Friday Fragments? Well, she also likes to see anyone's SHT that will show it to her. I told her that I have some SHT's and have been meaning to get my SHT together. The thing is, I might be too late. Mrs.4444, am I too late? or is this an ongoing deal. Are you wanting all the SHT's you can get your hands on? Let me know! If you still want mine I will get it together for you. Although, my SHT is not nearly as impressive as I've seen over at your place.

You know Katy that I mentioned above?? Well, she just started her own business with Scentsy. I have never tried this product before but I intend to. She says she will be having a party in a town really close to me and I AM INVITED!! How cool is that? Not only will I get to try out these pretty candles that apparently smell really good... I will get to make a new IRL (in real life) friend that comes from bloggyland. And I would assume I will also get to meet her sister Miss JC from Where the Green Grass Grows... and she said a few more bloggers. I can hardly wait!!

Speaking of getting to meet friends from blogland IRL..... well, I don't know if I will get to actually meet these ladies but they do live in my same state and i think that's cool! I bumped into Impulsive Addict through Katy and assumed they were IRL buds but have since found out they have not actually met IRL (maybe she can make it to the party) and from her blog I am fixin to venture on over to another fellow Okie, JennyKate's place and Dawn's Diversion's and check them out. She left me a comment and she says I'm funny! hehe...I like to make people laugh! It's not usually that difficult to get people to laugh at/with me, I'm kinda a goober sometimes.

Well, once again I will be spending my weekend trying to reply to all my wonderful comments. Did I mention I LOVE COMMENTS? I do!! I agree with Mrs.4444, there has to be an easier, faster way to reply to everybody. And, what is proper blogger etiquette? I would love to be able to reply to every single comment by using the 'reply' in my email and then I can go visit them and leave my comment love AFTER I'm done with my replies. BUT, not everyone has their profile set so I can do that. Instead, when I hit reply, I get no-reply@blooger. Jay at HalfTime Lessons had a post about this and even gives instructions on how to set this. {hint, hint}

I have only one more little bit of news then I think I'm done with my Fragments...at least the ones I can think of right now. So, I am getting another Mom of the Year award! My friend Heather at Our Incredible Journey said she already has my badge in the mail. She also said she may be expecting it back soon. I'm not quite sure what her 'intentions' are (I sure hope the kids stay safe...lol) but I don't think I will be releasing it anytime soon. I am gonna frame it and put it on my wall (with all the others I have)! Just hang on...I'm gettin there! I was 'just' fixin to explain.

A couple of weeks ago Roo's school posted a sign stating that there had been several cases of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Being the wonderful mom I am I took him to class with the thought 'he's fine, doesn't even have a cold and the sickie's are at home'. Yea, well, guess what! Right - he now has RSV! Great job MOM! Not only that...he also has an ear infection IN BOTH EARS!! I would guess he has had the RSV for about a week since he hasn't even been at school because of the ice on the roads. Yep, thank you, thank you! Leave me a comment and I will email you the place you too can send me a badge to add to my wall.

13 other ramblers babbled:

Doublebanker said...

My mailbox looked like that once...until I got a kit to install it properly!

How honest are you?

Impulsive Addict said...

I feel way special for getting a mention in your post! YAY!!! Thanks, my new fellow Okie friend!

Okay..tell me more about this email business. I don't want to post my email on my blog so do I need to make a new one just for this? Sounds interesting...I checked out Jay's blog...but I need more info about it.

Katy said...

I feel honored that you mentioned me and the other Ok. girls. Thanks girl.
Roo is just the sweetest, I think I need to squeeze his baby cheecks and love on him. :) He might wanna come to the Scentsy party!!!
I'm sorry to hear he's sick, that's yucky.
I hope we can get oodles of people praying for that darling Tuesday, my heart is crushed. Thanks for posting about her.

Dawn said...

thanks for the shout out!!!
When you visit my blog make sure you look at last Friday's post about our little hoe down.
Next time maybe you and some of you okc blog friends can come!! We're going to try and have t-shirts next time. :-)

I went to Tuesday's blog yesterday. It just breaks my heart. I'm praying for her and her family.

Sorry your little one isn't feeling well. Hopefully he'll get well over the weekend.

Chris said...

I hope Cole feels etter soon. Poor little guy.
Sorry to see your mailbox didn't survive the ice storm. Is it all melted?

pam said...

Your poor little guy. I hope he is starting to feel better soon!!

The Brown Box said...

Thanks for following my blog--I love making new friends! Oh and I am a OK girl and am also great friends with Katy. We were roomates. If you get to meet her you will love her even more in person--she is awesome!

Midwest Mommy said...

The mailbox is just great!

Tuesday has been in my thoughts and prayers for a while now. Breaks my heart.

I use to reply to comments but I started to get really ticked when I would spend all this time replying or answering a question only to have the no-reply@blogger thing in the address box. Now I just always visit my bloglist and visit anyone who has commented. I do reply to some comments when they need it though but that darn no-reply@blooger thing still catches me off guard sometimes.

I follow Absolutely Bananas old rule back when she wasn't so popular "you comment, I follow" :-)

WheresMyAngels said...

I hadn't been to Nie's blog in a while, thanks for posting it, I didn't know she was back.

I have been praying for Tuesday.

I think I've missed Mrs 4444's SHT, do I want to know what it is? Or see it?

I have a hard time keeping up with comments, since I normally only blog once a week, or twice and can only read on those days also.

The Rambler said...

Just saw a post on SITS that Tuesday has passed. My heart just broke again. I went there this morning and just bawled my eyes out.

You BETTER be calling me if you EVER take a trip over here to the islands. pinky promise?

I have an addicted problem to comments. I feel like I have to have them all the time...not healthy.

Poor Roo. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug...Mommy will make you feel better.

Mrs4444 said...

Oh...he's so precious. Poor little guy...

Loved your fragments this week! And yes, I await your SHT. It's a requirement for any blog award that I am expected to pass on. (Awards given just for the sake of adoration are exempt from SHT's, though :)

heartatpreschool said...

I'm up way too late reading blogs too...trying to be better about it, but now I'm behind on all my blog reading!

Corrine said...

i am new around here, and well just read a bunch of your posts and stopped here, to say I am sorry he is sick. no fun, hope he got better soon. And you know it happens to the best of us.