January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday - #2

I sure am glad for these "Not Me Mondays" just so we can keep the record straight on who to place the blame on for all the things going on in my household! It is no fun to take blame for all the things that I did not do. To find other bloggers that surely DID NOT DO what they say they didn't do, you can mosey on over to My Charming Kids and read all about it.

Just so you know, it was NOT ME that lost the check book for Roo's trust in which I need to pay for his school/therapy. I have NOT searched high and low looking everywhere for it either. It was NOT ME that dumped two sacks of ... crap?... all over my bed, hoping it was in there. Nope, because why exactly would I have two sacks of stuff from my desk, in two sacks, and hidden in my closet just because company was coming? Not I!

And, you can bet that it was NOT ME that acted like a 16 year old again while working concessions on New Years Eve. I would NOT be so silly and jack around with every customer that came through my line, then turn around and giggle with the other girls. I wouldn't do that because I am a responsible serious adult at all times! I would never act so silly, NOT ME!

I also DID NOT order a Victoria Secret nighty and panties (7 for $25) just to have to exchange for a different size. I did not try on one of those pairs of panties therefore not being able to exchange that pair. Even IF I had I would NOT ask my sons girlfriend if she would like to have them just so they wouldn't be wasted. Besides, they were very cute panties and were a boy short NOT a thong....but STILL, NOT ME!

I AM NOT sitting here posting on my blog, playing on twitter and reading other blogs while I am working! Surely NOT!

Last but not least I would NOT have a stinky dead mouse in my house, in MY bathroom, in MY bedroom! Gross, NOT ME! Is it better to have a dead rodent or a live rodent in your house (Rachel)? I would NOT be telling you my bloggy friends or the world that I had a mouse in my house, cause hubby would freak. He thinks if you know we have a mouse you might think we are not clean. We are clean, just have open fields behind our house. But I wouldn't be telling you that either. ;) I did not go into my own room where my boys hybernate, playing on our desk top computer, accusing them of stinking up the place. I would NEVER accuse them of THAT! I did not spend two hours of what was left of my Sunday just to track down that nasty ole dead mouse. I would NOT pull every single thing out from under my bathroom sink, throwing things away and re-organizing everything into tubs. NOT ME, cause I am not an organized person! I also DID NOT find half a box of MY tampons with the wrappers chewed off of them down in the hole where the pipes are. Stupid mice!! Don't they know how much those things cost? There all this time it wasn't me thinking I was crazy cause I knew I had just bought a new box and half were gone! It was NOT ME that had nightmares of mouse carcases all around me as it was not me that could smell that stinch stuck up in my nose all night long! I also would NEVER advise Hubby that HE would be getting that smell out of there TODAY-no matter what!! I would NOT even suggest that even if he has to rip the bottom of the cabinets out just to take care of it! I would NOT make him deal with it knowing he has a very weak stomach (although HIS sniffer is not nearly as sensitive as mine).

Ewww...I DID NOT just find a bottle, while looking for that check book that I DID NOT loose, in Roo's diaper bag that I DID NOT leave in there! Gross! NOT ME!

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Mel Fraase said...

HA! Too funny! I guess I am NOT the only one who saw a mouse in the house...only I have yet to find a body. Eeeew. But no stuff chewed up either. Maybe he was lost. Hope he stays lost.

Hope you found the checkbook?

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, an honest girl that won't return tried on underwear. When I buy undies from there I always wonder if the returns make it back on the shelf and if so who had them first. I am a weirdo germ person like that.

lov said...

i love not me monday!
i've been reading one of my blog stalking friend's not me monday....for weeks
and felt like today was the perfect day to start!
then i realized you did it too!
i'm glad i'm not the only one searching for things to write about! :)

Keri said...

I love your ramblings! I know I can count on you for a good laugh!

Chris said...

Well you aren't alone because I certainly did NOT have my own mouse problem this year. And we did NOT catch 9 mice in a matter of 3 weeks. I know gross huh?

Ivana Clay said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing at the mouse situation but I am!! :) Keep the Not me Monday's coming....they are hilarious!!!

p.s. I gave you an award. Check out my blog to get it! :)

Katy said...

You funny girl!! I love Not Me Monday, I read MckMama's yesterday and almost did my post last night, but didn't.

Bobby Acree said...

omg! you did NOT just write that! ;)