January 10, 2009


Well my fellow followers, I have found a fun little group called SITS (the Secret is in The Sauce).

I originally thought this group was only for bloggers that have business blogs or sell items. But apparently that is not the case. They do have fun little give-a-ways and contests from some of the blogs (like the one here, for a camera strap cover, that I would like to win for Uncle B since he is always so kind to let me share his pictures with you) but that is not the only type of blogs that join there.

It looks like a lot of fun over there! Do you like getting comments on your posts? Silly question, right? Who doesn't? It makes you feel like someone is really listening and cares, right? Do you like making new friends? Of course you do! I know I enjoy both of these!

So, I thought I would share this fun little group with you my bloggy friends. Go check it out, join in on the fun, and comment away!!

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I signed up with them a little while back, but haven't really checked in on them much. You will have to let me know how you like it.

lov said...

i love these places that you can go and find others! they make me happy in my blog stalking quest! :)

thanks again for helping me make my button!
hope you hare having a great week!

Midwest Mommy said...

I signed up with them over the summer. It is a great place to go when you are bored and need to find new blogs to read. My blogroll definitely grew after I found them :-)

Mrs4444 said...

I love SITS! It's a really wonderful community. I spent a LOT of time there this summer but had to take a break when I went back to work in the fall.

P.S. I have only to blogs. I think it was Gladys or Nonna who said "three blogs in one day!?" but she really meant three POSTS in one day :) I do admire The Pioneer Woman and her 4-5 blogs, but I am not about to write more than two right now!! :)

Thanks for stopping by today :)

Mel Fraase said...

I'm totally gonna join. I just hope I have enough time to do it! I need longer nap times around here!!

kel said...

I went over there... but how do ya sign up??

Live.Love.Eat said...

SITS is a great thing. Been doing it for months and months. People think you have to do certain things. But all you have to do is support. Just go around visiting and commenting! I have never seen a place like this where women get along so beautifully.