January 14, 2009

Would You Rather...Wednesday

Whew! Just enough time and I can squeeze this in here and it still be Wednesday. Well, Kel, over at Girl in the Glasses, has this fun little game to play. She will give you a question with two possible answers and you have to pick one! You can't pick neither! Leave a comment with your answers and explanation on her blog (come on...go look and play...after you do the same here first). OK, here goes......

Would you rather......

be told at the end of your busy day that you have toilet paper hanging out of the back of your panty hose and your skirt was tucked up into them as well (and you didn't want panty lines so your weren't wearing any)?


after going bar hopping with the girls, bumping into the HAWTest man you have EVAH seen and flirted your (what you thought was) sexy little self off, with said HAWTness, only to have your Mom tell you (after you get home) that you had a nasty big ole boogie hanging out your nose?

4 other ramblers babbled:

The Rambler said...

gonna pick #2 because I'll totally blame that I was stinking drunk (Ha, it's been a long while) and I don't recall the HAWT guy!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

This one's tooo easy. I'm picking #1. Hey, I walk around like that all the time. I'm used to it!

lov said...

totally picking #2
really...are you ever gonna see the guy again anyway!
plus i have the best one to come home to anyway! :)

(and there are so many reasons why i would never ever want to do #1
i hate not having on underwear
i do not....wear pantyhose
i really do not wear skirts
just to name a few! :)

kel said...

The boogie! At least I most likely wouldn't have to see him again!