Friday Fragments?

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Oh yea! I have sparked your interest now, haven't I?

I have been a busy little girl, huh? LOL.... this may be the one time that it is NOT all about ME!

February 16th 1966, 43 years ago, a cute little toe-headed baby boy was born the baby of eight. He would grow to be a ornery but cute, long haired (especially back in those days) little boy. Then into a confident fun, popular teen. That's when I snagged him up. While he was young and ignorant....oh wait...he was smart but I could still 'train' him. Ok, so I was younger but I swear I acted ... more mature. ;)

So, anyway, the party was for hubby for his 43rd birthday. And, too bad for him, there were no drugs or alcoholic hookers there. It was a party for just us, in this household. Hubby (the birthday boy), me, BA, Taz and Roo.

I bought the ingredients to make a huge chocolate chip cookie for him but was running out of time since I was still working. When BA came home from school I asked if he would make the cookie and I would add icing once it cooled. So, he did. His first time ever. He did a great job...and then I let it cook too long. :( Those big ole cookies are hard to get the whole thing cooked just right. We still have been eating it, even though it's a little crunchy (hard). It is great if you heat a little up in the microwave and put a little ice cream on top...then it softens up a little. Yum!

the birthday boy!!

Yummy "COOKIE!"

On to the drugs! It is NOT what you think...I don't do drugs! Well, not any more.... ;) I'm sure there may be some I need to be checking into for my sanity but....ya know?

Have they found a drug that truly works on your memory? Maybe I really DO need that one. So, every single day that I take Roo to school I take what meds he will need while he is there for the day.

He really doesn't take that many compared to some others I know but takes all I've got to remember everything. I can handle remembering what & when & how's just remembering where I put the stupid bottles.

I know, you will say, always put it in the same place then you won't lose it. Well, I try! It just doesn't always work that way for me.

Tuesday I took Roo to school and put the pill bottle in my jacket pocket. As I came into the house, the hubby comes in, so I was immediately distracted. I knew I felt the bottle while talking to him and thought I set it on the counter so I could call in a refill. There were only 2.5 pills left. I searched everywhere that night and the next morning, called the neurologists office to make sure it wouldn't kill him to miss one dose and ended up calling the pharmacy.

Whew, he will be okay to miss one dose. So, I had to get the refill and was still searching everywhere. I finally found them. Duh, in the little basket that I keep the meds in. Ok, whatever, I'm losing it!! But, at least, I found them.

Now, the whole alcoholic hooker deal! Again, let me say, this is NOT about me! Although, I could never be a hooker and NOT be in a constant state of alcoholic stupor!

One of my twitter buds goes to a local college and tweeted that as she passed another class, they were talking about brothels and different types of prostitutes.

I asked if she went in to listen to the lecture and she let me know she did NOT...but she did wonder what class that really was.

Then another twitter bud said she had been mistaken for a hooker. She explained it was on her phone. At least it was not in person.

Bud #1 had to speak to her boss after a dentist appointment and said she sounded drunk. Therefore, she was the alcoholic hooker! I asked if we needed to come do an intervention!

Last little fragment for this two older boys need to be just a little more like their baby brother when it comes to letting me take their picture. How am I ever supposed to get this stupid aperture thing figured out if I don't have any test dummies? LOL!

I 'tried' to sneak in a pic of Taz and he hid his head. I was a little more sneaky than he was and clicked just as he lowered his arms to look up. You see the dirty look he is giving me? Good thing he is still handsome with that sour face!

Then, on another night, I was going to practice again on BA. He was laying on the floor playing with Roo but as soon as I turned my camera on, I got this...

I even had to literally sit on his belly/chest, holding his arms down with my knees and still couldn't get a good pic cause he was wiggling me around everywhere. At least he was laughing instead of giving me dirty looks...this time. And V was trying to help me by gnawing on his arm to pull it away. She's a good helper like that!

Then, there is Roo! Sweet Roo! Who generally as soon as he sees the red light from the flash on my camera pointed at him, will let out a single giggle and as soon as I start clicking he gets all cracked up! I just wanna smooch this adorable applesauce face!

Hope to see you baby Roo will turn 2 years old!!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

thats a big birthday cookie.

Mrs4444 said...

"So, every single day that I take Roo to school I take what meds he will need while he is there for the day." Maybe taking your son's meds is part of your problem, HEEHEE.

Cute, sweet boys you have there, my friend :)

Mel Fraase said...

Mrs 4444 is funny!...and right??

You certainly caught my attention w/ the title, I thought for sure this one was about my life!!

The sneaky photo of Taz is actually pretty cute!!

Chris said...

I love birthday cookies!
You have been busy haven't you?

♥georgie♥ said...

geesh you have been busy GREAT FF

pam said...

I love the idea of a big cookie instead of a birthday cake!! Hope your weekend is going well.

lov said...

your title sure did get me hooked!

and i agree....maybe you shouldn't be taking roo's meds! :)


...The Obnoxious SAHM said...

LOVE IT ! Happy bday dude! My little obnoxious 3 year old turns 4 on the 28th.
Love your title and yep you had me hooked. I love all that smut stuff.

Anniebanannie said...

Happy b-day to both of the b-day boys in your household!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That was some title! I am glad you explained it so perfectly : ). Now it all makes sense. Sometimes I think my friends are alcoholic hookers. Just kidding : ) Kind of!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Wow ~ Somehow found my way to your Blog and loving every minute - you are very funny - a little hard to follow (??) at first, and then I realize. . . that is what you are all about - way to go girl! P.S. LOVE the pic with your avitar! Happy Monday

kel said...

That was an awesome Friday Fragment post, you busy girl!

Heather & Sebi said...

I'm so sorry CD is sick again...I know the boat you're in...just plug up the holes in the boat and float for a few more days, right?
Hope the birthdays were all wonderful...trying to get myself back into the world! :)

The Rambler said...

Happy Birthday to all of them!!!!

Miss you!

Love ya!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You are a busy girl! Happy belated birthday to the b-day boys. Hope everyone is doing okay. Miss ya!

The Rambler said...

Where are you? Hope all is ok?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

COOL Cookie! Might have to do that for hubby's b-day in April, he's not a cake kinda guy... :)

Happy Belated B-Day to Roo! Time flies by so fast, doesn't it?

I have the same memory problem - I'll put something in a 'safe' place, then forget where the 'safe' place is... ;)

Hope all is well - you're not around this week...but at least I'm getting caught up before you get back! ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

I always wanted to be an alcoholic hooker when I grew up. Then I found out that you have to have sex with ugly fat guys and no amount of money is worth THAT business! So now I'm just an alcoholic!