February 6, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

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It's Friday!!! WOOHOO!!

I finally get to cuddle on the couch with Mr. Dell for the evening. It is now 8:40pm and I finished work only about 20 minutes ago. It has been a very long week.

I've been lucky to find the time to get my posts in this week. I've been incredibly busy with my sick ones and with me being sick. I'm hoping we are well on our way and past the crap!

Roo seems to be back to his normal self (other than he was a little crabby at his favorite SWIM therapy this morning) but he has been jabbering away and trying SO hard to form words. Oh, his teachers at school swear he said ball the other day! And, he actually said Momma once when he wasn't upset....even BA was standing there and heard him. That made me feel much better, so I didn't wonder if i was just imagining it. It's times like those that I wish I had a rewind/play button so I could play it again 'just to make sure' I heard it right.

Taz appears to be back to normal too and does not like that I continue to make him finish his medicine. By golly, I paid $114.00 for that stuff! He will probably be made to lick the inside of the bottle too! LOL! Ok, I'm just kiddin', I won't go that far.

I have been Nyquilin it every night for the last four nights and feel much better. No, I don't have an addiction to Nyquil!! I can stop any time I want. If anything I would be addicted to the fact that if Hubby knows I take it then he will get up with whatever child decides to bug me and with the aid of Nyquil I can block out the noise and get my much needed sleep!

Thursday BA texted me and asked if I would check him out of school and bring him home. He claims he wasn't feeling good but when I asked him 'what' was bothering him all he could say was "I think I have what you had.". Yea, and what was that? "Umm, you know, just feel like crap." I have a small coughing fit which encourages him. "You know, coughing, and ummm...." I tell him - Whatever! you just want a reason to come home. hehe... I know his game! Who of us did not use that a time or two in high school? ;)

So far Hubby has made it past the radar and has not complained of feeling any different than normal. I'm sure it will probably hit him this weekend when he figures it's about time for me to be off the meds.

Ok....I really like the idea that this blog is for ME. I like to use it like a journal (besides the fact that my pages are wide open for the world) and I am pretty much an open book here (other than I doubt I will sit here and discuss my sex life like I could with my best IRL friend). This is one of the reasons I try not to bring our names in here...not only would I not want embarrass one of the kids by posting something about them but I don't want to embarrass myself either. With that being said I have to tell you about a hilarious embarrassing moment that happened to me this week.

I had received a bill from Roo's school for 4 weeks due. So the next morning I took Roo to class, gave him his medicine with his breakfast and stood around doing my normal rambling, like I do. Then I went to the office to show them they hadn't credited all my payments. I was in there for a good long while, we had to go all the way back to August but finally get it straightened out. I say thanks and go across the hall to pay the balance of the therapists charges and finally on my way. I hop into my car feeling all good that I got all straightened out, grab my sun glasses, look in the morrir to adjust the glasses and ........................OMG! How freakin' long has that been there? Yep, you guessed it! I had a boogie hangin! Geesh! Don't you just hate it when something like that happens? There I was talking to all these people and....Gah! Promise me, my bloggy friends, when/if you ever meet me IRL, tell me if you see anything like that so I can fix it.

While we are on gross subjects, I will tell you that this morning I woke Roo about 40 minutes before his swim therapy. I let him lay around in his jammies until right before time to leave. I put his swim diaper on, his swimsuit and then his clothes for the day since it is too cold for just his suit. We get there and I'm taking his coat off him....yea, and he pees all over me, my clothes and his clothes he was to wear to school. Luckily he had a change of clothes in the car. Me? I just had to air dry. On the plus side, I only had to go into the school (where they wouldn't know if that baby pee smell was me or one of the babies) and then back home to work. So, before I went in I used my pretty smelling Bath & Body lotion to rub on the dried pee spot and changed when I got home. Ummm....thanks Roo! The hazards of being a mom. Apparently I need to keep a change of clothes in the car for me too.

Well, I have about four or five friends (most bloggy friends) trying to convince me to join Facebook. I just don't know if I want to bother. I like spending what little time I get over here in blogland. How would I be able to fit that in too? Just when I was questioning my decision my new twitter and blogbud Tena at My Therapy just confirmed my feelings on her post about Facebook vs. Blogging. Seriously, go check it out! She is hilarious. You will love what you read over there.... sure, she has a bit of a potty mouth at times but you have to love her cause she tells it like it is! and that cracks me up! Anyway, I think I'll just stick over here in my little blogworld.

One more thing for now I suppose..... my haircut.

14 other ramblers babbled:

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm sorry you got peed on, I'm glad everyone is feeling better, I'm sorry about the "bat in the bat cave" incident, but I LOVE the new hair do! Very cute!

BTW...I think sometimes I'm addicted to Nyquil. That shiz does wonders for me at night! (I tend to be an insomniac on most nights).

Veronica Lee said...

Really happy to know everyone is feeling much better.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better. I can't take Nyquil; it gives me a hangover (seriously).

I like Facebook, because it has allowed me to connect with my HUGE extended family; I "see" cousins I don't see but every couple of years otherwise. I am not addicted at all, but I do keep it open and enjoy seeing photos my friends put up, etc. I also Twitter and don't see the draw. I don't like being bothered all day long with Twitter updates on my phone (so I took it off). It made me feel like my life was all-consumed with people on the Internet, and I just didn't like that. But you go ahead, heehee.

Deb said...

okay, the hair is ADORABLE and you must be feeling better because you look a LOT better (not that you didn't look fab in your sick shot!)

it's been a crazy couple of weeks around here. we have all sorts of crud working its way through the school. everybody's been sick.

Melinda said...

Love the haircut - soooo cute.

As for Facebook vs. Blogging: I do both and Facebook is a great way to promote your blog : )

Kristina P. said...

Your hair looks great!

And I love Nyquil. I don't need sleeping pills, that knocks me out.

I feel so bad, but last night was the first night in the 5 years we've been married that I kicked my husband to the couch. He has a cold, and his snoring was HORRIBLE and I could not sleep. :(

Dawn said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better. ;)
Your hair cute is super cute!!

And, I read Tena's post the other day. She's in the minority I tell ya. You still should check Facebook out. LOVE IT! :)

I'd so tell you if you had a booger hangin'! LOL!

Tenakim said...

Cute hair!

Thanks fo rthe shout out. I want to clarify...

I think if you separate real life from your blog (like me)- Facebook may not be the place for you- BUT if you tell people IRL about your blog- it would be awesome.

I don't like the possibility of figuring the six degrees of separation.

That said- my butt is peeking over in Facebook a lot, I must admit! Be careful who you let in if you want some things secret, but I think you should try it.

I am currently making plans with a bunch of people I went to GRADE school with to see one of our old teachers in a band he is in- that's pretty amazing and it wouldn't have happened without Facebook.

lov said...

i vote you join facebook,
i would so find you and send you a friend request! :)
i never thought...ever...that i would be so attached to facebook, but i love it!

i'm so glad you are feeling better
and i'm so trying to catch up on everything....

i'm thinking that i'm gonna be better about blogging this week.....
so maybe when you are sick, or whatever, this week, i'll be able to pray for you, and send you random comments on your blog! :)

Kalei said...

Thats hilarious.

Rambler just had that poo incident.

I have totally had the boogie thing happen to me too.

Don't do Facebook, you will regret it. The only good thing about it is the initial "old friend finds"....but you corresponde one time and then nothing. There is a bunch of applications (lil green patch, poke friends, knights of something.....)

Its horrible for your computer!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

OH yeah...the pee incident...I did learn (the hard way) to have a change of clothes with me whenever I took the Princess Nagger anywhere when she was in diapers. :) LOVE the new haircut...CUTE!!!

As far as Facebook goes - I signed up last March and did nothing with it...so yesterday I finally decided to complete my profile and see what all the hoopla is about. So far, it's fun - I've reconnected with some old friends (good ones) from high school, but I choose not to get sucked into all the extra applications...I'll just keep it simple for trading antidotes and keeping people informed of my blog posts... ;) That's kinda what I do with Twitter, too - I don't Twitter much, I have Twitterfeed send my blog updates automatically...seems to be working just fine! I have enough to do to try to keep up, and I'm still behind! LOL!! :)

BTW, I have a little something on my blog for you - you might have to scroll down to find the 'Catching Up' post... ;)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hope you got some needed rest this weekend and everyone is beginning to feel better. LOVE the haircut!

Bobby Acree said...

Just so you know I'm looking at your blog... ;)

My 2¢ on facebook... It's a good tool if you don't get carried away with it. You can waste a lot of time with it if you're not careful.

I have a facebook account and use it kinda like myspace... to easily keep up with people. A lot of people are moving from myspace to facebook. I rarely look at my facebook, but I'm getting more requests from people who are joining so I will probably be watching it more.

I don't sign up for any of the extra applications. I was accepting all of them, but got tired of all the silly, annoying crap... so I removed them all and no longer accept them.

It wouldn't hurt to sign up. If you never use it, you really didn't lose anything. On the other hand... knowing you, you would stalk all of your old friends, sign up for a bunch of goofy applications, and never get a wink of sleep! :)

Love ya,

The Brown Box said...

Love the haircut. Hope you got some well needed rest! Oh and i hate when I get boogies--it is so embarrassing.