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Ohhh *sigh*, I am NOT sitting here laughing at my Hubby because he was telling me BA got a valentine from a girl other than his girlfriend. I did not ask what he got and I did not die laughing when Hubby said "one of those lick'em-aide or lick-a-stick things. I did not bust a gut as I told him the candy is called a Fun Dip, dipstick! Not me! I would not call him a dipstick!

I did not have to drink a gallon of coffee this past week just to stay awake because Roo had another rough night. And, it of course was NOT my fault, because I would NOT forget and miss one of his doses of medicine. Even IF I did forget...I can promise you I honestly will NEVER forget again! After going to bed at 4:00am and dealing with a screaming Roo I did NOT oversleep until 8:30, making Taz miss his bus and I did NOT make Roo late for his therapy at his school...I would NOT do that!

I also did not help BA's honey sneak in his room while he was gone so she could tape cute little posters that she had glued sweet sayings all over. I did NOT hang onto his Valentine's card from her and make him wait until Saturday to open it. Not me! Surely I would have given it to him as soon as he asked to see it.

Both Hubby and I did NOT take bets on how long my brothers marriage will last. We would NOT do that (and I would feel awful if he ever knew something like that)!

This leads me to.........................................


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Let me explain the taking bets deal! I love my brother, Uncle T. I like his new wife, she is very sweet. They are both stubborn and hot tempered and think the answer to their fights is to 'break up'. I honestly pray that it works out and they can make it longer than the 2 months at a time that they have displayed so far. This is now a 'blended' family and it will be a little tougher.

So, for Valentine's Day, I got to sleep in until 9:00am and leisurely got ready for Uncle T's wedding. Hubby and I took Taz to a birthday party at Laser Quest (with Roo in tow). About 45 minutes later my SIL, Aunt SS, and my mom picked me up to go over to the wedding. Hubby kept the two little ones and did not go to the wedding so he could be around to get BA to work.

After the wedding, we went to Uncle J & Aunt SS's house. I have been wanting a Wii and Wii Fit so they pulled theirs out so we could play. It tells me that I am at 24 for my BMI, which is not bad, but apparently I need to lose about 15 lbs to be at the 'perfect' BMI(body mass index) of 22. Guess I better get busy. I'm not sure I like their Wii....when it measured my balance, it told me I was of the age of a 50 year old. WTH?

I've always said I don't like anyone to watch me work out because I am SO uncoordinated. I'm not sure if I just put too much thought into it, or if I just really suck. But, when I played the soccer game (you have to hit the soccer balls that are being thrown at you with your head, leaning right, left or in the middle, while dodging the shoe or panda head) I kept leaning my head, literally trying to hit some imaginary soccer ball, instead of just adjusting my weight on my feet to the direction of the ball. It was hilarious! I would get whopped in the head with a shoe and an involuntary squeal would escape. I could NOT get out of the way of those stupid shoes.

So, even though I sucked....I had a blast!

When I finally made it home I finally got to celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary with Hubby....and Taz...and Roo. BA was working. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of sirloin and ribs with loaded mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Hubby called in the order from Outback Steakhouse, picked it up and brought it home. It was yummy!

Here are my memories from Uncle T's wedding (it does qualify, right? even if it's only 2 days?)

Aunt Sh & Uncle T

All the kids-her 3 + his 1

Me & Niece P

Uncle T & daughter, Niece P

Step-dad, Uncle T, & mom

Mom & Niece P

Uncle J, Aunt SS, me

Aunt SS & me

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blueviolet said...

You're such a cutie! I hope the marriage lasts too but I think it's funny that you took bets on it. ;)

Stesha said...

Um...how much did you bet? The wedding pictures are very nice.

Hugs and Mocha,

kristi said...

Nice photos!! Ummm....two hot-headed people never mix well!

April said...

That's hilarious....we should have taken bets at my sister's last wedding! HA

Tenakim said...

I'm thinking the marriage might last- she got him to wear a pink vest- that's pretty pussy whipped!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like your son's girlfriend is very sweet.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You looked gorgeous at the wedding. But I did notice you were wearing black. Mmmmm.... what does that mean?!

kel said...

Ha! I noticed the black too!!! lol!

Kalei said...

Since my sister may stop by I will NOT say I made a bet on her wedding also....just kidding sis, besides...you showed me, huh?! once again, just kidding. Thanks for that one "The Rambler"! I really love NOT me Mondays!

lov said...

you seriously make me laugh like no other! :)

Mel Fraase said...

Everyone at the wedding looks so nice!! I was loking for your boys before I remembered they had prior engagements!
The Wii really sounds like fun. We have one, but not the Wii Fit part. I think I'd like it!!
Hope you get to lay off the coffee soon (I'm not much help getting you to bed, either!)

Heather & Sebi said...

I think your BMI was WAY Off. You must have had too much to eat prior to getting on the Wii. You look great! Are you still taking bets on the wedding...that's one of my favorite games!???