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Friday Fragments?

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Half Past Kissin' Time...

What a crazy busy couple of weeks we have had! I am starting this weeks fragments back to last the Thursday of May 7th. I KNOW I said I would post this yesterday a couple of weeks ago … I was busy squeezing in my work hours so I could be right here where I sit right now.

I am sitting in – well, got interrupted! I WAS sitting in the room waiting for them to bring Roo back to me. We started at 4:30 this morning (with me only sleeping 3 1/2 hours). Roo had to get tubes in his ears…and under anesthesia! So, while under they needed to do a special hearing screening called ABR (auditory brainstem response). They hook electrodes to his head that reads if he can hear the different pitches.

On the plus side both went relatively well. Roo was fussy during the 1 1/2 hour wait we had in an over-crowded waiting room. He just figured that if I was gonna wake him up way too early and bring him into this crowd of strangers then the least I could do was comfort him with a bottle. Sorry, dude, no can do!


He was a tad bit fussy coming out of the anesthesia too!

But then …


…he’s happy with his blow up doll! that Daddy made for him. How did Daddy know this would make any male happy? LOL

Ok, so maybe Daddy only blew up the rubber glove…I think it might’ve been Mommy that drew the beautiful features. (I think he’s actually drooling over her…hehe)


Ok…on with the party!! Now that, yet another, week has gone by since I originally started this post!

Gah, I had a BLAST!! So, this was Mother’s Day weekend, right? The MNO for Oklahoma bloggers? Wish you could’ve been there with us!

So, here are my main gal-pals!

090507-204126The Fantastic Four!

Froggy, Diversions, Baloney, Rambler

We had so much fun and it was awesome to make new friends! There were at least 60 women bloggers gettin their gab on at Hideaway Pizza in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the National MNO (Mom’s Night Out). Talk about a LOT of talking going on and meeting new friends. It was impossible to meet everyone (I wish I had met more!) but it was awesome to meet the ones I did! I’m just hoping this can become an annual thing and I can meet more next time!


…. and new found friends!

Crow, Baloney, Diversions, Froggy, Challenged, Rambler, Dear

As you can see I got especially attached to my new friend over at Decisionally Challenged… she is so sweet and cracked me up! So, I decided I should show her just how much and ‘lick’ her ear…only my special friends get that privilege!


….we sat at the Kool Kids table!

(I was there…I AM a kool kid, I swear! I was taking the pic!)

Now, 5 of our 7 from our table were lucky enough to win door prizes…yea! for them… boo for me…obviously I was NOT one of those 5 – durnit!! I did win the best gift of all though….I got to go have all this fun and finally have a little ME time out while knowing my boys were taken care of! Hubby had kept the two older boys (back at home) while my mom kept the baby (she conveniently lives IN Tulsa where the party was).

The wieners….I mean WINNERS!

090507-201648-1 090507-202356 090507-201946

Baloney ....................... Diversions .................... Dear (w/Crow)




Princess ................................ Southern ............................... Crow

Well, Princess & Southern did not sit at our table but both were good to meet! Princess was kind enough to be our photographer everytime we wanted a ‘group’ pic. She did very well at juggling all the different cameras. And, Southern, I didn’t get the chance to talk to a lot but I always follow her twitters and she has the biggest heart…always trying to help & comfort when others when they twitter about a tough situation.

The Gabbers……

090507-200826 090507-200838 090507-203828 090507-203819 090507-201019

One of the very first MNO Bloggers I met that night…..


Junkie & Rambler

Do you see that the material on our tops match? Isn’t she beautiful? She was the sweetest thang eva! All bubbly and cute as a bug! (she admitted she wasn’t really from Oklahoma but that’s ok, I’m really glad Texas wasn’t having a bloggers MNO or I would’ve never been able to meet her in real life)

Now, I want to share with you what ‘funny baloney’ is like…

090507-203912 copy 090507-203856

Thank you all, you beautiful ladies, for sharing such a fun evening with moi!!

….and unlike THESE ladies who left the party early (shame on them….ROFL)


Diversions and Froggy (which kidnapped me) had to drag me away from my IRL adult without child conversations!! In case you were concerned or ever wondered if your parents were right when they said they did not worry about you because they knew whoever kidnapped you would bring you back….well, they did! Took me right back home to my Mommy, just like she said they would!

Thanks ladies….I love you too!! LOL I cannot wait till next year!

6 other ramblers babbled:

Baloney said...

That "unusual blog" award is making more and more sense every day.
I don't even remember taking those last two pictures and yet I'm not surprised?! The surprising part is that I'm just now seeing them - LOL!
I love and adore you. We could get in a lot of trouble together, you know.
We will absolutely not wait another whole YEAR to do this. See you this summer!

The Mom Jen said...

aw poor Roo, glad he spunked up and hope those EI's stay away! You and the girls look like you're having a BLAST! Fun times!

Trisha said...

Had so much fun at the MNO! Ya'll were hilarious! I knew I should've quit listening in and dove over the top of the table to join in!

Trisha said...

Did some more reading and found out about Roo's cerebal palsy. You should come check out Gretchen Landers-Chosen Mom blog on the tTownmoms website. Her seven year old has it too. It's always nice to find other moms experiencing similar things!

Stefunkc said...

Okay, I need to get invited to this next year. Or I will feel the need to crash. I'm warning you now:c)

Annie said...

All this time I stalk your blog and I just now figured out all the pictures of this meet up I have seen are of YOU! How fun!